Bögershausen, Ulli - Fingerstyle Guitar. Ulli teaches his playing techniques and his art of arrangin

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Ulli teaches his playing techniques and his art of arranging. DVD-ROM included
- Ausgabe in englischer Sprache. 

Ulli Bögershausen is one of the most highly regarded German fingerstyle guitarists. For decades he has given concerts all over the world and is admired and appreciated not only for his expressive playing, but also for his elegant compositions and arrangements.
Twenty years ago he published "Von Anfang an", one of the very first German language instructional books for fingerstyle guitar, which has since become a standard work. Now Uli has fundamentally revised and expanded this tutorial for the international market: Fingerstyle Guitar offers an extremely effective and personal approach to learning to master the steelstring guitar. The exercises and practice pieces are presented in notation and tablature. In addition, the learning process is supported by detailed videos on the accompanying DVD-ROM. Welcome to Uli's world of fingerstyle guitar!

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